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List of comic books on sale this week.
SDCC schedule.
Holy comic mayhem! A Batman book makes it on the Alt Beat column!
Zeb wells continuing what Loeb started.
Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Superman, Cartoon Network and more.
Full slate of events scheduled for day one.
Superman, Batman, Age of Ultron, Justice League, X-Men and Kick-Ass.
Annuals tie into the regular books.
July begins with 5 amazing covers by some of the top talents in the industry today! Some of these pieces are gallery worthy, so, sit back and enjoy!
Check out a Jim Lee preview page.
The number of live panels will center on Superman, feature Neil Gaiman as well as the September Villains Month event.
All Out War!
Should fans spend their money when they are being harassed by the very publisher they give their money to?
Sandman returns this October.
Short story concentrates on importance of memories in living our lives, charting new courses.
List of comic books on sale this week.
Marvel bringing lots of exclusives to the SDCC.
Runs from August to November.
David vs. Goliath wouldn't be good for Disney.
With the biggest amount of comics released for the month of June hitting this week, I pick the top 5 best looking covers for you to enjoy!
Our nosy M.E. corners the Batman 66 writer to discover the global trek of terror that will be Kings Watch!
So does that mean they are now "anti-heroes?"
More editortial issues at DC?
The scribe dishes with M.E. Byron Brewer about a new superhero, gun control, Saffron Bell and more!