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Sales are basically the same for Loeb and DnA's Nova.
Big bad Apple bans a comic book.
Guardians concept art now comes on a comic book cover.
Check out the full DC Comics solicits for July.
List of comic books on sale this week.
We know he is not the Human Rocket, but maybe the Human Bomb?
Free comics! Can't beat that.
A new Knight Rises.
GL family of solicits includes Brad Walker's New Guardians #22.
Some super solicits.
Batch of awesome covers reveal a mega battle scene.
Batch solicits for Annuals coming in July from DC Comics.
Top sales for March 2013.
Maybe some things old are new again?
Does the Mad Titan have a sense of humor?
More than meets Odin's eye?
Really cool variant.
Gaiman's involvement is bigger than previously thought.
CBN M.E. Byron Brewer finds out why powerful red-heads have more fun in Gail Simone's comic books.
Clothes on? Or off?
Can it get any worse than Milhouse of the Simpsons or Ani Skywalker? Yep.
Infinity chat about Hickman's new Marvel Cosmic event.
Four more to try and help improve the score.
More details on the next Marvel event, Infinity, are made known.


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