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Expect more coming out of the SDCC.
Wouldn't you like to be a superhero pepper, too?
Graces the streets of the SDCC.
Full color season 4 walker!
Airs 7pm ET.
New ongoing series as imagined by Steve Niles.
WB has to get Wonder Woman right.
Airing October 25th.
List of nominees.
In theaters Friday the 13th!
Fox has hired new writers.
TWD at the SDCC.
Super-charged, over-the-top action film.
Geoff Johns in the house.
Terry McGinnis on the big screen?
These are the top 5 comic covers that will grace the shelves of your local shop this week. From artistic to thunderous, you will enthralled by all of these renditions!
First of a new line.
Final car unveiled at SDCC.
Footage to debut at SDCC.
On to its third writer.
NYC is next!
The Wolverine at the SDCC.
Legendary rock star Alice Cooper will star in an upcoming comic book series.
Batch of super images from the SDCC.
More trouble brewing at DC.
Half a cow for the SDCC.
Rodrigo Santoro as Xerxes.
Over-sized one-shot by Paul Cornell.
Hot off the presses!
Thrones meets Who meets Sherlock.
Will be at the SDCC.
Army medic played by Larry Gilliard Jr.
DC at the SDCC.
Panels and Booth info.
Featuring all-new tales of science and superstition.
Hugh Jackman and Dwayne Johnson make the list as well.
In theaters this Friday.
Little rumor floating about.