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Finch JLA.
And Comic Book Men moves to an all-new time and day.
The Mad Titan sits on his throne.
Marvel announces Free Comic Book Day 2013: Infinity by Jonathan Hickman and Jim Cheung.
Stand alone movie of Yoda we like.
Who wants to subscribe?
Update: It's For Flashpoint. What?! A look at the upcoming Justice League Movie?!
10 super cool superhero noir movie posters.
Superman, Bane and The Pianist to guest star.
Cool animated poster of Mila Kunis' Wicked Witch.
Comics on sale for the week.
Is it a bird? Is it a Plane? No. It's Iron Man.
Wherever there is trouble Cobra will be there.
Hulk smashed Marvel Studios Phase 3 Plans.
Earlier date and start time.
Superman is at The Big Game!
Now these will look super at movie theaters.
Guillermo Del Toro comments on the Kaiju and Jaeger.
Pacific Rim is going to be a giant.
Still not a reboot.
More Thor 2 Kurse details become known.
Underdog features three stories - each original characters part of the Underdog Universe.
Not exactly Barbara. But close?
Daryl Dixon Is Frank Castle, The Punisher.
Logan looks pretty ticked.
Henry Cavill standing tall as Superman.
WB offering Snyder a big offer? Goyer brought onboard for Superman.
An alternative take on superheroes with a deadly and mysterious tournament!
It's adamantium readin' time, boys!
Looks like Cap 2 found Sharon Carter.
SDCC is coming up sooner rather than later.
See. Retailers don't want it either.
Something always sounds wrong when Bendis talks Guardians.
A new batch of spoilers and info for Thor 2.
Characters skins, extra missions and an exclusive Steelbook.
The Joker "is" sick and twisted, indeed.
Millar offers his thoughts on TDKR, X-Men and Kick-Ass 3.
Nice pic of Maya Hansen.
At the end of the 16th issue of the "Bat-family" books, Joker offers them a tantalizing meal. But what is it? Or should I say -- WHO is it?
Batch of images for the new shows.

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