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Goyer on the use of Zod.
Glenn Close as a purple alien leader of the Nova Corps?
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Vintage Camaro!
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Compared to a Nick Fury from The Avengers movie.
North American costume debut.
Justice League of America #4 hit stores today and it goes out with a bang!
Issue includes a 4-page 2-sided Jim Lee foldout showing two different sides of Superman in combat.
Read the announcement below in Deadpool's own words!
Snyder's return to horror, Robinson's last annual and Barker stirs up controversy in this weeks Top of the Pile. So, just what should you be reading this week? My top 5 picks - that's what!
Cool prints available at Wizard World Philadelphia.
M.E. Byron Brewer and the scribe discuss the Captain in a new world, supporting cast, big-bads, more!
Possibly two names with one the rumored Samurai?
List of comic books on sale this week.
Season 4 news beginning to trickle out.
Head of SHIELD takes a bump.
Autobots will be rolling out in style.
Footage reveals Nam-Ek.
Sunstreaker and Wheeljack?
Cavill becoming a hot commodity in Hollywood.
Follow along the preview pages as Rob Williams talks about his ideas for the book as well as the script.
The writer tells M.E. Byron Brewer about the nuances of Kato, his shared love of Black Beauty, and more.
Sentinels can't be far behind.
The writer tells M.E. Byron Brewer about fighting aliens, the joys of writing Castle and Elektra, and more!
Hits June 26th.
Wolverine vs Iron Man! Let's make it happen.
Check out the destruction the zombie plague has caused.
New kick butt images.
Jaeger vs. the Kaiju!
Batch of new pics.
Cool new covers.
Welcome to a world where consuming chicken is illegal and those with super abilities related to food hold sway!
Sackoff wants to play Carol Danvers.
So which character then?
Iron Man 3 is not the only one.
The Rhino! Motion-Capture Suit.
Result of an earthquake or a big thunder lizard.