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Holy House of M! Doc Doom conquers the world?
An entertaining toon, with good animation, in-jokes and action.
Great read, especially for Holmes and mystery buffs.
This mini really hits the mark of possibly becoming an ongoing.
The prince of pulp is back in a great new series.
A fun cosmic ride!
Fun, surprising, shocking and action packed!
Reads like a classical superhero story but still feels fresh and exciting.
Could it get any worse? It did. Written like a bad situation comedy.
Inhumanity #1 was light on action and overall was a real snoozefest.
Byron says this one is a fun and involving adventure.
A conclusion for the ages and a satisfying end to a cosmic classic.
Timelord offers it's a complete train wreck and more!
Darren Blackburn reviews the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary!
Great action, characterization packed into this episode.
Great humor, but not much story.
Promises a series readers are sure to love.
A cornucopia of talent has made one hell of a clever book that fans will clamor over! Look out Deadpool, Harley can break the 4th wall too!
Byron really likes the new exploratory angle of this book.
Avengers #23: a textbook example of how to write a gripping space opus.
Arvid Nelson takes the obvious and wraps it with a mystery inside an enigma.
A delightful and action-packed episode.
Lo, fear the Light Elves! It ain't your daddy's candy stick. A delightful romp.
Lee and Casallos bring the origin of Starbuck to life!

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