Amanda Seyfried

Peter Pan Filming Set To Begin: Stars Hugh Jackman & Amanda Seyfried

Live-action Peter Pan feature from director Joe Wright.

Film Review of Les Misérables

Will the beating of your heart echo the beating of the feat marching their way to the box office; a place you may long to be.

The State of Hollywood 5: Hollywood's 10 Best Actresses Today

Lawrence Napoli gives us his top ten ladies of Hollywood, "These ladies represent the best of today's Hollywood actresses."

SDCC 2011: 'In Time' (2011): Trailer and Movie Posters

Check out some footage and movie posters from the futuristic sci-fi thriller starring Justin Timberlake, "In Time."

Movie Review: Red Riding Hood (2011)

If Catherine Hardwicke wanted to make another Twilight, then she should have done just that. It’s all the same teeny bopper drivel we have all been subjected to before.

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