The Annihilators

Green Lantern: It Ain't Easy Bein' Green -- But It Sure Is Fun As Hell!

M.E. Byron Brewer traverses time and space, arriving in the DCU -- and finds he likes bein' 'Green!'

Marvel Preview: The Annihilators #2 "Talk To The Hat" w/Tom Brevoort

Tom responds to a fan's question on Nova and Star-Lord returning on Thanos; clears up Fear Itself; comments on Bendis' Avengers; on Alpha Flight and more.

ECCC: Bendis: Does Go Cosmic on Avengers 12.1 with Spaceknight arc

While answering a fan's question in regards to Rom the Spaceknight returning to Marvel at the ECCC, Bendis mentions "Space Knight."

Marvel Fears Thanos! Tom Brevoort on the Mad Titan

Marvel Senior Vice President of Publishing, Tom Brevoort, has stated we will be seeing more from Thanos via his popular Form Spring.

The Brewer Report: Doctor Dredd (The Annihilators)

Wondering who's causing all that havoc in Annihilators #1? M.E. Byron Brewer brings you the dredd-full story!

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