The Avengers 3

Leaked: Russo Bros. Offered Avengers 3 & 4; Could Produce Spider-Man

Leaked e-mails about the future of Spider-Man including Sam Raimi, Venom, Sinister Six and more.

Josh Brolin Says "It's Thanos Vs. Everyone"

Brolin excited to play the Mad Titan.

Marvel Studios Reveals Phase 3 Timeline Image

Cool graphic of their upcoming movies.

Russo Bros. Rumored To Direct The Avengers 3 & 4

Captain America directors going cosmic?

James Gunn Confirms Future Marvel Cosmic Movies

How about Adam Warlock and Nova?

Tom Hiddleston & Idris Elba Confirmed For The Avengers 2

Elba filmed a scene with Hiddleston and Hemsworth.

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