Avi Arad

Spider-Man Would Have To Be Center of Avengers Movie Crossover

Spidey can't be second banana to anyone.

Producer Hints At Spider-Man Avengers Movie Crossover With Mutual Threat

Avi Arad offers a tease how he would bring the two franchises together.

The State of Hollywood 6: The Metal Gear Movie

Metal Gear already plays like a 20 hour movie. Do we really need a Hollywood version we know will fall short of our expectations?

Toldja: Spider-Man In The Avengers Movie A Possibility; Now, How about Vice Versa?

Avi Arad is open to the possibility of a Spider-Man and Avengers movie crossover.

Toldja: Eddie Brock Will Be A Hero In The Venom Movie; Rick Remender's Referenced

Avi Arad says Venom is a defender of the innocent and only bad when Spider-Man is around.

Venom Movie Sounds Like It Will Feature Anti-Hero Eddie Brock; No Spider-Man

Will the Venom Movie steer clear of the Spider-Man origin and feature a good guy Eddie Brock?

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