Barry Kitson

Barry Kitson Joins Valiant Comics On Renegades With Harbinger #7

An all-star cast of comics' top talents is joining Harbinger for the season's biggest story arc – "Renegades" in Harbinger #6-10!

Marvel Comics Preview: Fantastic Four #602 (Barry Kitson Colors)

Check out preview pages for next month's Fantastic Four #602, featuring the art of Barry Kitson.

FF #5: Last Page Spoiler: Hail To The King, Baby!

CBN user "donforgettaaboutnova" sent in the following image that comes from tomorrow's issue of FF #5 from Jonathan Hickman and Barry Kitson.

Marvel Preview: First Look At FF#4

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at FF #4, from chart-topping creators Jonathan Hickman and Barry Kitson!

Review: Incredible Hulks #616

Greg Pak gives us a an intense issue that turns you upside down more than a few times, knocking you on your head and leaving you unsure of where you started!

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