Batkid Begins Trailer

Feature-length documentary from award-winning filmmaker Dana Nachman.

Oscars Has Enough Time For Pizza & Selfies But Not For Batkid & Andrew Garfield

Batkid rehearsed with Andrew Garfield on Saturday.

Mark Hamill AMA: Talks Star Wars, Luke With A Beard, Vs. Batman, Joker & More

Ask Mark Hamill anything! Check out the highlights!

Dan Jurgens & Norm Rapmund Draw Batkid!

Batkid gets his own DC Comics artwork!

Watch Batkid Defeat The Joker! Obama Thanks Him, Too! (Video)

Batkid heads to NYC to take down Batman's most infamous foe!

Christian Bale Explains Batman Voice ( Video)

Bale explains the reasoning behind the Batman voice.

Stephen Amell And Arrow Have A Day Off Thanks To Batkid! (Video)

Arrow, Diggle and Felicity can get a bite to eat thanks to Batkid!

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