Batman Beyond

Watch: Batman Beyond WonderCon Short By Darwyn Cooke

This year marks Batman's 75th Anniversary.

Batman Beyond Joins The New 52; New Weekly Series "The New 52: Futures End" Announced

Kicks off on FCBD. Features an all-star line-up of creators.

Your Alternative Comics Beat For August 23rd, 2013: Batman Beyond 2.0

Terry McGinnis returns to Neo-Gotham under the tutelage of Higgins and Silas.

Batman Beyond Movie Being Talked About Again

Terry McGinnis on the big screen?

Justice League & Batman Beyond Coming To Netflix

DC toons headed to Netflix this month.

Batman Beyond Live-Action Movie? Producer Michael Uslan Thinks It's A Good Idea

Producer on The Dark Knight Trilogy would like to see a Batman Beyond movie.

DC Comics Announces Batman Beyond and Justice League Beyond Digital First Series

The two new weekly series will also be collected in a monthly 48 page print edition.

DC Relaunch: Batman Beyond #1 is a go! Beechen as writer

Adam Beechen took to twitter and confirmed a new Batman Beyond #1 is in the works for the DC Relaunch.

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