Batman Incorporated

The "DOC's" Top Of The Pile for 2/27/2013

A death, a relaunch, a return of the 90's are all on the "Top of the Pile!" These are the books you just can't miss this week!

DC Comics Delays Release of Batman Incorporated #3 Because Of The Dark Knight Rises Shootings

Tomorrow you may not find Batman Incorporated #3 for sale at your local comic shop because DC Comics has delayed the release of the issue as a result of the Aurora, Colorado shootings.

Grant Morrison Leaving Action Comics and SuperHero Stories For Creator-Owned Work

Morrison is saying goodbye to Superman, Batman Incorporated and superhero comics for his creator-owned work.

DC Comics Cancels 6 Titles; Announces 6 New Ones For May

DC has announced the "Next Wave" of titles that will debut this May: Batman Incorporated, Earth 2, World's Finest, Dial H, G.I. Combat, and Ravagers.

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