Batman Vs. Superman

Watch Gal Gadot's Ice Bucket Challenge

Zack Snyder and Lynda Carter -- you're up next.

First Look At Henry Cavill In Batman Vs. Superman Set Images & More

Tao Okamoto, Holly Hunter and Scoot McNairy, too.

First Look At Paul Rudd As Scott Lang In Ant-Man

Filming kicked off yesterday in San Francisco.

Ben Affleck Ice Bucket Challenge Video

The new Batman takes on the challenge.

Jason Momoa Teases Aquaman & Work Out Video

Momoa doesn't confirm or deny Aquaman.

Ben Affleck Comments On Batfleck & Batman Vs. Superman

Affleck doesn't seem too worried.

Batman Vs. Superman Lex Luthor Rumors Hint At 3 Possible Villains

Is this why Supes teams with Batman and Wonder Woman?

First Look At Amy Adams As Lois Lane In Batman Vs. Superman Set Image

Lois covering the destruction of the Wayne Financial building?


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