Ben Affleck

First Look At Ben Affleck's Batman Suit In Color

Looks slightly blue with gray and black.

Christian Bale Has Advice For New Batman Ben Affleck

Better experience with the Batman costume.

Batman Vs. Superman Wraps In Chicago; Headed To New Mexico For Wonder Woman

Recap video and pics featuring Henry Cavill, Zack Snyder and more.

Mel Gibson Talks Iron Man 4 & Ben Affleck

Robert Downey Jr. threw his name out there to direct.

Watch: DC All Access With Klaus Janson Talking Superman & The Dark Knight Returns

Janson talks working with JRJR, Nolan movies, Ben Affleck and more.

Batman vs Superman "Save The Bats" Promo

Features Zack Snyder, Ben Affleck and Amy Adams.

Geoff Johns Hints At Green Lantern For TV; Talks DC Movies & Multiverse

Ben Affleck, Justice League Movie, Flash, Arrow and more.

Ben Affleck Addresses MSU Football Team: "I'm Batman"

Affleck in pretty good shape for the role. Pics of Luthor's Rolls Royce, too.

Bruce Wayne Vs. Lex Luthor In Batman Vs. Superman Scene Description

Robin said to be female in the script and more.

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