Brian Michael Bendis

Marvel Bendis-Maleev Moon Knight Teaser

Marvel sent over the following teaser featuring Moon Knight with the powers Wolverine and Spider-Man while riding on top of Captain America's shield.

Review: New Avengers #8

Like last issue, this is another great Roy Thomas-feel issue in which Jessica Jones uses her better half as a sounding board to weigh the pros and cons and mom/wife vs. superhero/Avenger.

Review: Avengers #9

There is not a lot of action in this outing of the Marvel Universe’s most secret group, the Illuminati, but there is a lot of character and plot forwarding.

Marvel Preview: Your New Look At Bendis and Oeming's TAKIO!

On March 2nd, the powerhouse creative team of writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Avon Oeming, take the comics industry by storm with their first all-ages graphic novel – TAKIO!

Get Heroes For Hire #1 FREE in February’s Avengers #10!

Wow! Talk about a promotion! January sees Heroes for Hire #1 reprinted in Avengers #10 - at no extra cost!

Your First Look at NEW AVENGERS #9

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at New Avengers #9, from the superstar creative team of writer Brian Michael Bendis and artists Mike Deodato and Howard Chaykin!

Review: Avengers #8

In the vein of classic Avengers tales, book scribe and Marvel U. architect Brian Michael Bendis is building on some very interesting Marvel lore.

Avengers #11 Solicit: Bendis Goes Cosmic! Kills off Nova and Star-Lord!

The solicit to Avengers #11 was leaked which states "the debut of a brand-new cosmic character that you won't want to miss."

AKA Jessica Jones Marvel TV First Television Show

Variety.com reports that the first television show to come out of Marvel TV will be "AKA Jessica Jones" from Twilight screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg.

Mark Bagley Returns to Marvel in DEATH OF SPIDER-MAN

The biggest event in Ultimate Comics history just got bigger, as superstar artist Mark Bagley returns to Marvel!

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