Brian Michael Bendis

Bendis Guardians of the Galaxy #2 Gets 5 Covers; Quesada, Madiuera, Movie, More

Marvel gives Bendis five covers for Guardians of the Galaxy from some of the top names in the industry.

Age Of Ultron #1 First Look Preview (Marvel Comics)

Marvel Comics released a first look preview of Brian Michael Bendis and Bryan Hitch's Age of Ultron #1 with news of a foil cover.

More BS From Jeph Loeb About New Nova?

Jeph Loeb talks more about how his new Nova came to be, putting the blame on the previous creative team?

Meet Your New Rocket Raccoon: Giffen & Threshold's Captain K'Rot!

With the recent demise of Rocket Raccoon at the hands of Quesada and Bendis, meet Giffen's Captain K'Rot!

New Star Trek Movie Poster First Thought: Abrams Pulled A Bendis

J.J. Abrams and Brian Michael Bendis look to have a lot in common, namely that being Earth.

Guardians of the Galaxy Iron Man Armor Debuts In Iron Man #5 (Preview)

A preview for Iron Man #5 sees the debut of Tony Stark's new Guardians of the Galaxy Iron Man space armor.

Marvel Heroes MMO: Developer Diary Features Bendis on Doctor Doom (Video)

Brian Michael Bendis discusses Doctor Doom and more in the Marvel Heroes MMO video game.

Marvel Announces Age Of Ultron; Reminds Bendis Of Infinity Gauntlet

Marvel officially announced Age Of Ultron and offers details on the ten issue projects that ships March through June.

James Gunn Hints At DnA Guardians Of the Galaxy Costumes Not McNiven's?

Which Guardians of the Galaxy costumes will be featured in the upcoming movie?

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