Chris Roberson

Exclusive: Chris Roberson Talks Doc Savage Ongoing From Dynamite

Byron gets the skinny on top pulp hero's new decades-spanning adventures.

Exclusive: Chris Roberson takes Captain Action out of the toy box, ready for action in new mini-series

Our nosy M.E. gets the 411 on the return of a hero, Cold War adventure, Iron Curtain hijinks, and Kato!

Exclusive interview: Chris Roberson parts the darkening mists to discuss the world of the Shadow!

The writer dishes on his favorite Shadow moment, the Light arc and more with M.E. Byron Brewer.

Superman Endorses Texas Governor Rick Perry For President

Did Superman come to save the United States? The left and right are battling it out!

Chris Roberson Dishes On Superman, JMS, Moslem Sharif and more

Writer Chris Roberson talks coming onboard Superman, taking over from JMS, the controversial Moslem super hero, Sharif, and more.

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