Max Landis Explains Chronicle Origins & Powers (Video)

Talks about creatures that existed when the Earth was enveloped in lava.

Max Landis' Scrapped Chronicle 2 Idea Led To Found-Footage Avengers Movie

Landis gives details about his defunct sequel.

Cool Anti-Superhero Short Film: The Flying Man (Video)

Fans of Irredeemable, Chronicle, or Superman should love this.

Chronicle 2 Won't Have Max Landis

Fox has hired new writers.

Is Max Landis Writing The New Star Wars Episode VII Movie?

Back in January, Disney accepted a pitch from Max Landis, whose father is good friends with George Lucas, that sounds a lot like Star Wars.

Max Landis Talks Superman; Clues To His Man of Steel 2?

Max Landis talks Death of Superman parody, Action Comics Annual and his take on Superman.

Mark Millar Signs As Consultant on Fantastic Four Movie and X-Men With Fox Studios

Mark Millar will serve as consultant for the sequel to X-Men: First Class, "X-Men: End Of Days," as well as the Fantastic Four movie.

Chronicle 2 In Development

Max Landis is back to pen the sequel to the hit found-footage movie, Chronicle.

Josh Trank May Helm New Venom Movie From Sony

Chronicle Director Josh Trank is rumored to be in negotiations with Sony about a new Venom movie.

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