Oped: Nova: The Showdown with Marvel Editorial

Now is the time for all true Richard Rider Nova fans to come to the aid of their favorite character.

Op-Ed: The Lo(e)botomization of Nova

Timelord sounds off right in time for Nova's "100th" issue!

Cosmic Triune: Nova: Rich and The Kid

Doug Smith, owner of the #1 Nova site on the net, The Nova Prime Page, offers his thoughts on the new Nova.

The Cosmic Triune: OPED: Re-Launching Marvel Cosmic

With Nova coming back from "hiatus," Timelord's also back from "hiatus" with another red hot Op-Ed piece about Marvel Cosmic!

Cosmic Triune: SVP Tom Brevoort Responds - Timelord Counters

Our last "Cosmic Triune" struck a chord with readers. Marvel's SVP of Publishing Tom Brevoort responds - as does Timelord.

The Cosmic Triune: Marvel Editorial to Cosmic Fans: "We're just not that into you."

Timelord is back with a vengence! Check out the blazing hot Op-Ed piece, "Marvel Editorial to Cosmic: We're just not that into you!"

The Cosmic Triune Plus One

Managing Editor Byron Brewer offers up his thoughts and opinions on the current state of Marvel Cosmic! Is the Marvel Universe - "your U?"

The Cosmic Triune: Definition Of Cosmic

Just what does "Cosmic" mean? Our very own "Nova" and "GoTG" reviewer, Mr. Bill Meneese, offers up his opinions on just what that is!

The Cosmic Triune: Nova

Doug Smith of The Nova Prime Page offers up his thoughts on Marvel Cosmic and of course Richard Rider, Nova! What is going on with Nova?

The Cosmic Triune: Secret Avengers

The first in a series of opinionated articles on the state of Marvel Cosmic: Nova and Secret Avengers - by Editor Matt McGloin!

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