Daryl Gregory

Exclusive Interview: Daryl Gregory gives the scoop on his novel, Afterparty

Byron gets the scoop on SF novel writing, real-world drug tech, and more!

Exclusive Book Review: Afterparty by Daryl Gregory

A novel of pure science fiction, pure reader involvement, pure entertainment.

Exclusive CBN Interview: Writer Daryl Gregory Talks Post Planet Of The Apes

EXCLUSIVE: Writer Daryl Gregory discusses life among the humans and simians on BOOM's Planet of the Apes

Gorilla My Dreams: Monkeying Around with 'Planet of The Apes' writer Daryl Gregory

CBN talks with novelist Daryl Gregory about his new series focusing on the 'Planet of the Apes' franchise!

Boom! Studios Planet of the Apes This April!

A bold new vision of the acclaimed sci-fi classic debuts this April as BOOM! Studios brings you an all-new, all-original ongoing PLANET OF THE APES comic series!

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