DC Comics

Superman Action Comics #22 Preview

A group of warriors from space come to Earth in search of their new king!

Trinity of Sin: Pandora #1 Preview; First Look At #2

Preview for the first two issues.

Watch Batman Vs. Deadpool In Fan-Made Super Power Beat Down (Video)

Caped Crusader Vs. The Merc With The Mouth. Catwoman, too.

Brew's Crew: General Zod of Krypton

The military man from the Phantom Zone returns in September! Who is Zod?

Sinestro Corps Ongoing To Be Announced At SDCC 2013

So does that mean they are now "anti-heroes?"

Red Lanterns #21 Preview (Lettered)

It’s recruitment time for the Red Lanterns, and no one in the universe is safe!

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