Meet Your New Rocket Raccoon: Giffen & Threshold's Captain K'Rot!

With the recent demise of Rocket Raccoon at the hands of Quesada and Bendis, meet Giffen's Captain K'Rot!

Now James Gunn Posts Nic Klein Star-Lord Guardians of the Galaxy Image

Guardians of the Galaxy movie director James Gunn shares an image of Star-Lord.

James Gunn Hints At DnA Guardians Of the Galaxy Costumes Not McNiven's?

Which Guardians of the Galaxy costumes will be featured in the upcoming movie?

McNiven On DnA's Guardians of The Galaxy Costumes: "Don't really fit these days"

McNiven says he isn't aware that there are Guardians of the Galaxy fans and that the DnA costumes don't work for space adventures.

Exclusive: Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning: Beaming Aboard Battlestar Galactica

M.E. Byron Brewer sits down for an exclusive chat with DnA on their newest challenge, Battlestar Galactica.

Bendis on Guardians of the Galaxy "This is the cosmic Avengers"

Bendis says he hasn't stopped writing Avengers as Guardians of the Galaxy will be guarding the Earth.

New Nova - No Worldmind or Nova Corps

Jeph Loeb talks about the new Nova, Richard Rider fans, Marvel Cosmic, Guardians of the Galaxy and more.

NYCC 2012: DnA To Write Battlestar Galactica For Dynamite Entertainment

DnA are writing a new Battlestar Galactica series based on the classic TV show.

The Magus Infinitus: The future flip side of one hero's soul

CBN M.E. Byron Brewer takes us down the tortured road that is the long and winding life of -- The Magus!

DnA Want To Write Guardians of the Galaxy Vs New Mutants

Who would win? The New Mutants or Guardians of the Galaxy? Well, DnA would like to write it.

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