Evil Dead

Bruce Campell Evil Dead TV Series Coming To Starz

Sam Raimi directing first episode.

Dynamite Announces Army of Darkness/Hack Slash Crossover By Tim Seeley

Cassie Hack is doing her best to live a normal life when a Deadite attack forces Cassie back into action.

Evil Dead Tops Box Office With $26 Million

Top 5 movies for this past weekend.

Evil Dead (2013) Post-Credit Scene Spoiler Now Online (Video)

Sony has included a short post-credit scene.

Evil Dead 2013 To Open A Week Earlier

Our souls get torn apart one week earlier.

Evil Dead 2013 Gets R Rating; First Had NC-17

The new Evil Dead will tear your soul apart!

Evil Dead 2013 Green-Band Trailer Now Online Features New Footage

A new green-band trailer for the Evil Dead remake has been released which isn't as gory and features new footage.

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