Fan Fic

The Wonder Worlock: Sharkinister, Part 1

The most soul-searing epic of all time!

The Wonder Worlock: The Other Side of the World, Part 2

The Dark Mage discovers there are many kinds of prisons.

The Wonder Worlock: The Conjuring, Part 2

A bubbly battle in the briny deep! Rated AA.

The Wonder Worlock: Blue Planet, Part 1

In grief the shaman turns to nature, not knowing nature will soon turn on him!

The Wonder Worlock: Children of the Norn, Part 1

Can the Wonder Worlock fight the emissary of the Fates themselves?

The Wonder Worlock: Day of the Docrons, Part 3 (of 3)

This is it! The staggering climax to Goff's war with the Docrons!

The Wonder Worlock: A Dish Best Served Cold, Part 1

A nightmare from the Wonder Worlock's past returns to destroy all the celestial shaman holds dear!

The Wonder Worlock: The Beginning of the Intz, Part 1

After months, the ancient Intz race has returned home! But what time-traveling new danger faces the young Intzlings?

The Wonder Worlock: All's Fair, Part 1

Olympian scientist Java Lyn is no one's fool, and he is about to prove that to his entire dimension!

Fan Fic: The Wonder Worlock: Part The Second

CBN's newest Fan Fic star, the Wonder Worlock, uses his mighty space-bending power against the sentient wormhole -- Nomad!

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