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Continuing the adventures of Richard Rider!

Nova 619 Fan-Fic Web Comic

The continuing adventures of Richard Rider!

Happy Holidays From Cosmic Book News & The Nova 619 Crew

Artists from our featured webcomic featuring an alternative universe Richard Rider sent over the following Christmas and Holiday cards.

The Wonder Worlock: A Path for the Silent Ghost, Part 1

The cosmic necromancer, the Wonder Worlock, is haunted by a poltergeist from his own past ... one that refuses to go away!

The Wonder Worlock: If This Be Muspellheim, Part 1

The galactic guardian, the Wonder Worlock, battles alongside Traven for the future of one world -- and three dimensions!

Nova 619 Fan-Fic Webcomic Index Page

Follow along the cosmic adventures of the Nova 619 team!

The Wonder Worlock: Winds of War, Part 2

Warfare in the cold of space! Who will be saved: the world, or the infant that would unite two subsea races?

The Wonder Worlock: Winds of War, Part 1

At the height of a gala galactic occasion, a royal spacecraft is attacked -- by a personal friend of the Wonder Worlock!

Nova619: The Cop And The Conjurer: The Entropy Taint Part 1.1

The next chapter of the Nova 619 fan-fic web comic is here! By Brewer, Blackburn, Huertas, Stewart, and Steele!

The Wonder Worlock: Escape from the Planet of the Dragon, Part 2

A world dies! Is the Wonder Worlock and his long-ago past somehow involved in its untimely destruction?

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