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Big Damn Sin City - Alternative Comics Beat

A collection worth killing for.

Frank Miller Slams Christopher Nolan Batman Movies, Superman, Robocop & Hollywood

Miller not a fan of movies with characters he has written.

X-Men Writer Chris Claremont Hoped For More From The Wolverine; Also Didn't Get A Movie Credit

Claremont talks script and character differences, Logan speaking Japanese and more.

Bendis Teases Writing Marvel Cosmic With Frank Miller Captain Marvel Page

Bendis teases about writing Marvel Cosmic. Hopefully it's not a new Guardians of the Galaxy book.

Frank Miller Doesn't Want To Occupy Wall Street

Take a look at what Frank Miller had to say on the controversial "Occupy Wall Street."

NYCC 2011: Frank Miller, Matt Fraction and more Signing at the Midtown Comics Booth

Midtown Comics released their signing schedule for the NYCC.

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