Gene Ha

Jim Starlin Teased Helmet Is A.R.G.U.S. From Justice League #7; On Stormwatch?

The origin of the teased Starlin helmet is now known to be an A.R.G.U.S. helmet from Justice League #7.

First Look At Action Comics #9 Features African-American Superman

The alternate universe stand alone story features an African-American Superman who has to take on the likes of -- Superdoom!

Gene Ha Sketches Batman Vs. Iron Man

Gene Ha sketches Batman vs Iron Man from the 2012 Alburquerque Comic Con.

Justice League #7: Gena Ha To Draw; Features Shazam Back-up w/Gary Frank

Gene Ha will be on board to draw, in addition Shazam's first New 52 appearance by Johns and Gary Frank.

Gene Ha's Action Comics #3 Variant

Check out Gene Ha's Action Comics #3 variant cover featuring a look at Krypton.

DC Comics New 52: First Look At Superman's Father, Jor-El, and Krypton

Check out some character designs and concept art from tomorrow's Action Comics #2.

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