Geoff Johns

Justice League of America To Feature Martian Manhunter Back-Ups

The Martian Manhunter will be getting a little more attention from DC come March.

CW's "Amazon" Wonder Woman Is Diana; Iris Just A Codename

Producer Alan Heinberg and Geoff Johns clear up any speculation that the new Wonder Woman is not Diana.

Man Of Steel's David Goyer To Write 13 Issue DC Comics Event With Geoff Johns

David Goyer will return to writing comic books as he will pen a 13-issue event with DC Comics chief creative officer and writer Geoff Johns.

Superstar Marvel Cosmic Artist Paul Pelletier Takes On Aquaman With DC Comics

Paul Pelletier heads over to DC Comics to take on Aquaman with Geoff Johns.

Marvel Cosmic Fan-Fav Paul Pelletier To DC Comics - With Geoff Johns!

Superstar Marvel Cosmic artist, Paul Pelletier, heads on over to DC Comics to work with Geoff Johns.

Exclusive: Justice League Movie To Feature Original 7 Founding Members, Cyborg, Green Arrow

We're told the Justice League movie will feature the original 7 as well as cameos by Cyborg, Green Arrow and more.

Jim Lee Leaving Justice League; Ivan Reis and Joe Prado Onboard

The covers for Justice League #15 &16 are revealed with news that Jim Lee exits the book.

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