Geoff Johns

All Creators Leaving Their Green Lantern Titles

Lots of changes in stores for the GL titles.

Geoff Johns Is Leaving Green Lantern With #20 & The Return Of Hal Jordan

The return of Hal Jordan, the final fate of Sinestro, the revelation of the First Lantern and more in GL #20.

Justice League #16 Preview (Johns & Reis)

DC Comics released a preview for Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis' Justice League #16 where the "Thrones of Atlantis" storyline continues.

Man of Steel Comic Book Confirmed By Scott Snyder & Jim Lee; Preview With FCBD Superman

Superman flies into comic shops this May for FCBD with a preview to the new Man of Steel comic and a reprint by Donner and Johns.

Justice League of America To Feature Martian Manhunter Back-Ups

The Martian Manhunter will be getting a little more attention from DC come March.

CW's "Amazon" Wonder Woman Is Diana; Iris Just A Codename

Producer Alan Heinberg and Geoff Johns clear up any speculation that the new Wonder Woman is not Diana.

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