Guardians 3000

Good News: Future Nova Sticking Around In Guardians 3000

Solicit for issue six reveals the last Nova and more.

Abnett's Guardians 3000 Soars With 60K

A Marvel Cosmic must-read! And one light years ahead of its current timeline counterpart!

Guardians 3000 #3 Preview Features A Nova

Action, cosmic wonder and some surprise allies!

Guardians 3000 #3 Preview (Colors)

Who are The Stark? What is their aim?

Guardians 3000 #2 Preview

Guest-starring Gladiator of the Shi’Ar, the “original” Star-Lord, and an all-new Herald of.... you know who!

Guardians 3000 #1 Preview

Dan Abnett back on Guardians! About time! D'ast it all!

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