COVER SHOOT: The Top 5 Comic Book Covers For 3/19/2014

These are the most powerful, most detailed and overall best covers released this week and you NEED to get your hands on them!

COVER SHOOT: The Top 5 Comic Book Covers for November 13th, 2013

These are the Top 5 covers that celebrate the #1 thing that helps sell a book -- Art! Let your eyes have a field-day!

The "DOC's" Top Of The Pile for 5/8/2013

With so many books to get each and every week, how do you know which ones to get? The Top of the Pile narrows it down to the 5 best comics you should be reading! Your welcome!

Valiant and Image Present: Dollar Days!

Now you can catch up on the best books Valiant and Image have to offer for only a dollar! Eleven re-released #1's for only eleven dollars? What are you waiting for? Buy them all!

Harbinger Wars #2 Preview

Initiate the Harada Protocol!

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