Walking Dead Weekly Announced

Starting in January 2011, Image Comics will be reprinting the single issues of the hit series -- shipping one issue per week all year long!

Preview: The Walking Dead #78

Courtesy Image, on sale Oct 20th! "Despite all the turmoil around them, they find each other."

Invincible: The Best Book You Should Be Reading

Cosmic Fans may want to check out "Invincible" as its the best science-fantasy-oriented cosmic comic that you should be reading!

NYCC '10: Video of Todd McFarlane

The creator of "Spawn" remarks on an early experience he had as a child with an artist at a con who acted like a "peckerhead!" Also baseball!

Image At NYCC '10

Image Comics is taking the show on the road this weekend, making its way across the country for New York Comic-Con 2010!

Image Comics Previews For 10/6/10

Courtesy Image, here are previews for next week's comics including: "Image Firsts: Haunt," "The Walking Dead: The Covers, Vol 1. HC," and more!

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