iron man/thor

Exclusive Preview: Iron Man/Thor #4

Courtesy Marvel, in stores Feb 23rd! The High Evolutionary’s grand dream for the advancement of Mankind has gone disastrously wrong. The climactic, earth-shattering battle ends here!

Pure chemistry: Viva Diablo!

Diablo is accorded a breath-of-fresh-air respect he has not seen since John Byrne’s run on Fantastic Four in DnA's Iron Man/Thor.

Review: Iron Man/Thor #3

Let this issue show those Doubting Thomases among us that cosmic can be connected to Earth, even happen on our world and still be incredibly cosmic and absolutely entertaining.

Marvel.com Tuesday Q&A With Abnett and Lanning

Updated: Jack of Hearts and Badoon! DnA answer some questions on Heroes For Hire and Iron Man/Thor. Ben Morse teases about Marvel Cosmic news perhaps coming in a few days.

Review: Iron Man/Thor #2

DnA, take these ancient Marvel properties and breathe life anew into them, surrounding these mostly “Earth-centric” members with Part 2 of an adventure that is cosmic with a capital “C

Review: Iron Man/Thor #1

Someone contact the Doom Patrol over at the CBN forum and tell them Marvel Cosmic may seem “lesser” now, but it certainly is not dead. Another winner!

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