James Gunn

No Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer This Month

Not this month. How about next month at the Super Bowl?

Glenn Close Plays Nova Prime Rael In Guardians of the Galaxy

Too much bubbly last night for Marvel PR.

Guardians of the Galaxy Image Is An Unfinished Early Look

Gunn says they have come a long way from this image.

Thor 2 World Premiere B-Roll Footage & Jaimie Alexander Video

More footage from the Thor 2 world premiere.

Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer Coming Soon Says James Gunn; Talks Collector & More (Video)

Talks Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel, Benicio del Toro and more.

Marvel Studios Major Cosmic Thor 2 Retcon Spoiler!

Thor 2 keeping it cosmic! EIC Matt McGloin goes over some Thor 2 spoilers.

Thor 2 Mid-Credit Scene Spoiler Revealed! Alan Taylor Not Happy About It

The director spoils the mid-credit Thor 2 scene and glad to not take credit for it.

James Gunn Wants To Launch A Marvel Cosmic Movie Franchise

Gunn wants to lay down the rules, start it and watch it grow!

James Gunn Wraps Guardians of the Galaxy Movie

Parting words from Gunn and cool cast gifts.

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