James Robinson

Exclusive: James Robinson clues us in on the return of the Invaders

Byron talks to the new scribe of FF to discover his plans for Cap & Company.

Marvel Announces "All-New Invaders"; Silver Surfer Part Of Marvel Now Phase 2

All-New Marvel Now begins in December with a point-one Aveners NOW issue.

The "DOC's" Top Of The Pile for 5/29/2013

Snyder's return to horror, Robinson's last annual and Barker stirs up controversy in this weeks Top of the Pile. So, just what should you be reading this week? My top 5 picks - that's what!

James Robinson Leaves DC Comics & Earth 2

The writer behind JSA and a host of other DC Comics will be gone as of September.

Your Alternative Comics Beat For January 12, 2013: Earth 2

The Alternative Beat takes a left turn, just like this week's premise with some of DC Comics' most popular characters.

Now James Robinson is off DC Comics' New He-Man With Keith Giffen Onboard

More creative changes underway at DC Comics with James Robinson departing He-Man as of issue two.

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