Jeff Parker

Brew's Crew: Flash Gordon

This famous spaceman turns 80 with a new ongoing.

Exclusive: Jeff Parker celebrates 80 years of Flash Gordon in new book

Byron and Jeff talk outer space, Kings Watch, new characters -- and Ming!

Geoff Johns Leaves Aquaman

Jeff Parker comes on board the King of the Seven Seas.

Your Alternative Comics Beat For July 8th, 2013: Batman '66

Holy comic mayhem! A Batman book makes it on the Alt Beat column!

Exclusive: Parker, Laming bring Flash Gordon, Mandrake and the Phantom together for new adventure

Our nosy M.E. corners the Batman 66 writer to discover the global trek of terror that will be Kings Watch!

Iron Man 3 & Audi Team Up For Interactive Comic Book Contest

Become a co-creator of a comic book where you decide Iron Man's fate and craft the final chapter.

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