Jeph Loeb

Top 100 Comic Books For May 2013; Jeph Loeb Nova Below 40K?

Loeb's Nova takes another dip for May?

CBLDF To Honor Green Lantern Writer Geoff Johns With Greenest Night

Greenest Night: A Celebration of Geoff Johns Green Lantern.

Good News For Guardians of the Galaxy Movie: Bendis, Loeb, Wacker, Alonso Marvel Cosmic Doesn't Match Up

Alonso isn't worries that the movies and comics don't match up. There's always a first time for everything.

It's Official: Loeb's Nino Nova Selling Less Than DnA

Fans have voted with their dollars. Adios Nino Nova.

Richard Rider Sacrifice Mentioned In Loeb's Nova #3 Preview

Richard Rider mentioned and Rocket points his gun twice at a 15-year-old.

Jeph Loeb's Nova Sales Lower Than We Guessed; On Par With DnA Run

Sales are basically the same for Loeb and DnA's Nova.

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