JT Krul

Exclusive: JT Krul brings female Cylon Six to life in new limited series

Byron and JT discuss the reimagined Cylons, the human psyche and more.

DC Comics Reveals Mister Terrific, Captain Atom & Savage Hawkman #8 Covers

Check out the April 2012 covers to Mister Terrific and Captain Atom #8. Updated w/Hawkman.

DC Relaunch: George Perez inking Dan Jurgens' 'Green Arrow'

George Perez is not just writing, doing the layouts and covers for the DC Relaunch of Superman #1, but Mr. Perez will also be inking Green Arrow for Dan Jurgens.

J.T. Krul Signed Exclusive To DC

The writer of "Green Arrow," "Blackest Night: Teen Titans" and the upcoming "Teen Titans," J.T. Krul, has signed exclusively with DC Comics.

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