Movie Review: Kick-Ass 2 (2013)

In theaters now! And CBN's Lawrence Naploi offers his thoughts on the latest starring Aaron Johnson and Chloe Moretz.

Mark Millar: "Is the Big Two about to become the Big Three?"

Is there any doubt that the Big Two might actually have to look over their shoulder in 2012?

Arizona's Atomic Comics Closes

Atomic Comics, which was featured in the movie Kick-Ass, has closed the doors of all four of its locations in Arizona.

MTV 2011 Movie Awards: Green Lantern, Captain America, Transformers Prop Images and Winners

Check out some movie prop images from the MTV 2011 Movie Awards and a list of winners.

Kapow: Mark Millar Hit-Girl Kick-Ass spinoff comic and more

Mark Millar, the writer behind Kick-Ass, announced a new spinoff comic book starring Hit-Girl, among four other projects soon to be released.

Your First Look At The KICK-ASS/NEMESIS/SUPERIOR Crossover!

Get your first look at three awe-inspiring variant covers from superstar artist Leinil Francis Yu uniting the characters in one climactic battle scene!

Kick Ass 2 #1 Sells Out

Kick Ass 2 #1 has sold out at Diamond and will be going back to press -- twice -- with the Kick Ass 2 #1 Second and Kick Ass 2 #1 Third Printing Variants!

Review: Kick-Ass 2 #1

What we all expected is what we got — an in your face, vulgar, action packed issue that breaks all the rules and leaves you wanting more!

REVIEW: Kick-Ass

Timelord gives Kick-Ass 4.5 stars! I enjoyed the movie. It didn’t meet all my expectations from having been a fan of the comic book series – but I did enjoy ...

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