Brew's Crew: Larfleeze

What's his is his, and what's mine is his, and what's yours is his and ...

Exclusive: J.M. DeMatteis shines the orange spotlight on Larfleeze

Byron and J.M. discuss Giffen, cosmic big-bads, JL 3000 -- and G'nort?

Larfleeze #6 Preview

Now that Larfleeze is a living power battery, how will his former corps recharge its rings!

Larfleeze #4 Preview

The Orange Lantern Corps declares war on Larfleeze!

Larfleeze #3 Preview

Larfleeze and Stargrave find an unlikely ally when the Wanderer comes calling!

Larfleeze #2 Preview

Larfleeze faces the celestial being known as the "Laord of the Hunt!"

Preview: First Look At Larfleeze #1

Larfleeze meets a a pan-dimensional cosmic entity.

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