The Lizard

Amazing Spider-Man (2012): First Official Images of The Lizard

One day before the next trailer for the Amazing Spider-Man movie hits, Sony has released the first official images of The Lizard!

Amazing Spider-Man (2012): No Lab Coat For The Lizard

Curt Connors is keeping it real in the Amazing Spider-Man and shedding the white lab coat.

Amazing Spider-Man (2012): New Movie Busts Give Another Look At The Lizard

New Amazing Spider-Man movie busts from Diamond reveals The Lizard in further detail.

Amazing Spider-Man (2012): Second Look At The Lizard Through Pez Dispenser

Another image has surfaced of The Lizard in the form of the aforementioned The Lizard Pez Dispenser.

Amazing Spider-Man (2012): Rhys Ifans Talks Unrelatable Superman and Batman; Lizard, Gwen Stacy

Is Spider-Man a more accessible character than DC's Superman and Batman? Rhys Ifans seems to think so and more.

Amazing Spider-Man (2012): Listen To Rhys Ifans Voice The Lizard (Video)

Rhys Ifans gives a demonstration of the Lizard voice.

SDCC 2011: First Look At The Lizard in Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

Images of The Lizard from the San Diego Comic Con clip that was revealed at the Amazing Spider-Man Panel have hit the web.

SDCC 2011: Amazing Spider-Man (2012): Lizard Villain Description

At the Spider-Man panel it was officially announced that The Lizard will be the villain and 3-D footage was shown off from Amazing Spider-Man by director Marc Webb.

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