Lobster Johnson

Advanced Review: Lobster Johnson Vol. 4

The Lobster returns and this time the police are hot on his tail! An advanced review of the new trade.

Alternative Comics Beat: Sledgehammer 44

America's newest secret weapon drops into France during WWII in this exciting Dark Horse title.

The "DOC's" Top Of The Pile for 5/22/2013

There are a staggering amount of books coming your way this week, but which ones should you get? THESE five books are the comic fan MUST reads of the week!

The "DOC's" Top Of The Pile for September 19th, 2012

Zero month continues to turn out some great books, but it's my personal favorite hero that graces the number one spot this week! Plus, some zombies and Nazis just for fun!

The "DOC's" Top Of The Pile for April 11th, 2012

This week has a pair of eights from DC, Millarworld and the Mignolaverse churn out some great books, and the last friendly team-up between the Avengers and the X-Men! BANG!

The "DOC's" Top Of The Pile for March 14th, 2012

This week sees a new number one book that no one is talking about — but should! And four other books that will smash, shoot and stab their way into your heart!

The "DOC's" Top Of The Pile for February 22, 2012

Kirkman and Bendis hit us with some massive hardcovers today, but nothing will be heavy enough to break your back like Bane can!

The "DOC's" Top Of The Pile for February 8th, 2012

These are the books that should sit proudly on top of your pull list this week!

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