Magnus Robot Fighter

Brew's Crew: Magnus, Robot Fighter

Who can break steel with his bare hands? Nope, not Supes. Magnus!

Exclusive: Fred Van Lente dishes on comeback of Magnus: Robot Fighter

Byron discusses Gold Key heroes, cybernetics and robotics, and North Am!

Dynamite's Magnus: Robot Fighter #1 Launches March 12th

From Fred Van Lente, Cory Smith and more!

Review: Magnus Robot Fighter #3

I’ve been a Magnus fan since the 60’s and I have to say – I’m loving what Shooter is doing with this series.

REVIEW: FCBD Doctor Solar/Magnus

In a world where the corporate giants of comics put out poorly done comics for this event, it’s refreshing to see a company put forth its best foot.

Free Comic Book Day 2010 Doctor Solar/Magnus Up At Darkhorse.com

Did you happen to miss the FCBD issue of Doctor Solar/Magnus? Well, Darkhorse.com has the entire issue up for viewing!

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