Michael Alan Nelson

Exclusive: Michael Alan Nelson drops the dime on the spys in BOOM's new Protocol mini

Byron gets the skinny on Orphans, Dads, Grandparents and the tragedy of the Playground!

New 52 Cyborg Superman Is Not Hank Henshaw

If not Hank Henshaw then who?!

Exclusive: Nelson Gives Us The Lowdown On The Brand New Cyborg Superman; Plus Some Major Supergirl Info!

Byron gets to the secrets revolving around Cyborg Supes, and finds out what is new with this villain.

Exclusive Interview: Michael Alan Nelson Builds A New World For The Girl of Steel in Supergirl

M.E. Byron Brewer discusses a new rogues gallery, Kara's place in the Super Family, and more with the writer.

Exclusive interview: E-I-C Matt Gagnon & Co-Writer Michael Alan Nelson Talk BOOM!'s New Day Men Ongoing

CBN M.E. Byron Brewer hears about vampire bosses, world-ruling families, their human employees, more!

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