Michael Keaton

Tim Burton In Talks For Beetlejuice 2; Michael Keaton Expected Back

Check out CBN's new sister site, Famous Movie News, for the info!

Michael Keaton Thinks Ben Affleck Will Be Great; Doesn't Rule Out A Return (Video)

Paparazzi catches up with Keaton! Check out his responses.

Op-Ed: A Response To Ben Affleck Batman Nerd Rage & Why Heath Ledger Argument Doesn't Work

Lawrence responds to the verbal fanboy vomit as well as the notion that Affleck's situation is similar to Keaton or Ledger's.

Casting The Batman Reboot: The Dark Knight Then, Now and Beyond

Lawrence Napoli takes an in-depth look at the choices for the new Batman! And those that came before!

Robocop (2014) Toy Line Reveals Use Of Original Movie Suit

Original 1987 suit featured as part of toy line. Movie, too.

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