Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel Weighs 165 lbs.

Kelly Sue DeConnick backs campaign to get weight changed.

Marvel Studios Announces New Movies: Black Panther, Ms. Marvel Avengers & More

New movies, new release dates, concept art and lots more.

No Ms. Marvel For Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Says James Gunn

Comments on original Stan Lee cameo and Yondu being different than comics.

New Avengers & Ms. Marvel Rumored For Avengers 2

Will Marvel use Carol Danvers?

Eden Sher In Talks For Ms. Marvel

Deleted tweets reveal the news.

Ms. Marvel Rumored For The Avengers 2; Again

Firs rumored three years ago for The Avengers.

Marvel Releases "MS." Teaser

Ms. Marvel? Ms. Thing?

Marvel Releases "Higher" Teaser

Ms. Marvel getting another go. Again.

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