New 52

Check Out The New 52 Martian Manhunter Ongoing That Almost Was

Would you have supported a Martian Manhunter ongoing?

DC Comics New 52 NYCC 2013 Images

New Wonder Woman cover, The Flash, All-Star Western, Swamp Thing and more.

New 52 Cyborg Superman Is Not Hank Henshaw

If not Hank Henshaw then who?!

DC To Feature Villains Month: 56 New #1s For September

Will Marvel follow this with Marvel NEXT!?

Your Alternative Comics Beat For January 12, 2013: Earth 2

The Alternative Beat takes a left turn, just like this week's premise with some of DC Comics' most popular characters.

DC Cancels Hellblazer With #300; Launches New 52 Constantine

Say good-bye to Hellblazer and hello to the New 52 DC Comics Constantine.

Exclusive: First Look At DC Comics New 52 Spectre: Some Things New Are Old Again

We have yet to see the Spirit of Vengeance make its presence felt in the DC Comics New 52. Until now.

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