Dear Marvel, Please Don't Let Jeph Loeb Near Nova. Thank you, Wolverine

Wolverine wrote Marvel a nice little letter. Seems Logan is worried about Nova.

Nova 99 Cent Sale On Comixology! 1-28!

Get all of DnA's Nova run on Comixology for 99 cents each! Hurry, offer expires — today!

Marvel Releases New Nova Teaser Marvel NOW! Point One Image

Nova is set to appear in another Point One issue? So it's teased.

Question of the Day: Will Adam Warlock and Nova Be In The Guardians of the Galaxy Movie?!

Marvel Cosmic dreams came true last night at the San Diego Comic-Con! Pinch me!

Alonso and Brevoort Talk Marvel NOW! Cosmic

The cosmic characters are going to be involved more with the rest of the Marvel U.

Marvel Now! Relaunch Features Rocket and Nova; New Title Every Week For Five Months

22 books will be relaunched by Marvel, one each week starting this October through February 2013.

Marvel To Renumber All Comics To #1

Is Marvel going to relaunch their entire line with new #1's?!

What Bendis Thinks Of Richard Rider Nova And His Fans

A classy move by Marvel as they include Nova in Ultimate Spider-Man #8.

What the D'ast? Why The ‘New’ Marvel Cosmic will never work

M.E. Byron Brewer sounds off on the "new" Marvel Cosmic and why fans will never buy into it.

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