Bill Rosemann Brings Back Darkhawk and Cammi In "Avengers Arena"; But For How Long?!

The new Marvel Now! comic is described as "kill or be killed." Two more Marvel Cosmic characters caught in the crosshairs?

Cyclops Is The Phoenix In Avengers Vs. X-Men #12 - Defeating Kid Nova?

Avengers Vs. X-Men #12 will either see Richard Rider fans' worst fears come true — or a whole new beginning for Nova Prime.

Richard Rider Nova and Wendell Vaughn Quasar Cosplay Pic Is Stellar

Richard Rider and Wendell Vaughn side by side! Will Marvel Cosmic see the Cosmic Assemblers team up anytime soon?!

Dear Axel Alonso, How Much Longer Do Nova Fans Have To Wait? Sincerely, Richard Rider

December of 2011 saw Marvel EIC Axel Alonso state that Nova fans will be excited. We're still waiting.

Guardians of the Galaxy, Nova, Adam Warlock Marvel Cosmic Cosplay Photos From Dragon Con

Marvel Cosmic makes its presence known in full force at the recent Dragon Con.

Op-Ed: I want Marvel Cosmic - NOW!

Marvel, you want to increase your sales by about $20 a week? Then give me a space book.

Nova's Andrea DeVito Is Artist On Avengers Season One Blu-Ray Graphic Novel

Andrea DeVito is revealed as the artist on The Avengers Blu-Ray graphic novel.

Now Iron Man and Nova Are Best Friends

Tony visits Wolverine's school for gifted youngsters and makes a new friend. Or two.

Did Kevin Feige Just Confirm Thanos In The Guardians of the Galaxy Movie?!

Marvel Studios President and Producer looks forward to seeing Thanos! In the Guardians of the Galaxy movie?!

Kevin Feige Explains Why We Loved Marvel Cosmic Era Annihilation

Marvel Cosmic — set in space and away from The Avengers. Ahhh...The good old days!

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