Dear Ike Perlmutter: Bring Back Richard Rider As Nova

Should fans spend their money when they are being harassed by the very publisher they give their money to?

Jeph Loeb's Nova Falls Under 40,000; Selling Less Than DnA Again

Nova now under 40K. DnA's Richard Rider selling better at same issue number.

NINO Nova Vs. Thanos & Spider-Man Revealed

The must-have Spidey appearance.

Top 100 Comic Books For May 2013; Jeph Loeb Nova Below 40K?

Loeb's Nova takes another dip for May?

Glenn Close Playing Annihilation Prologue Nova Prime Alien?

Glenn Close as a purple alien leader of the Nova Corps?

Good News For Guardians of the Galaxy Movie: Bendis, Loeb, Wacker, Alonso Marvel Cosmic Doesn't Match Up

Alonso isn't worries that the movies and comics don't match up. There's always a first time for everything.

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