Jeph Loeb's Nova Falls Under 40,000; Selling Less Than DnA Again

Nova now under 40K. DnA's Richard Rider selling better at same issue number.

NINO Nova Vs. Thanos & Spider-Man Revealed

The must-have Spidey appearance.

Top 100 Comic Books For May 2013; Jeph Loeb Nova Below 40K?

Loeb's Nova takes another dip for May?

Glenn Close Playing Annihilation Prologue Nova Prime Alien?

Glenn Close as a purple alien leader of the Nova Corps?

Good News For Guardians of the Galaxy Movie: Bendis, Loeb, Wacker, Alonso Marvel Cosmic Doesn't Match Up

Alonso isn't worries that the movies and comics don't match up. There's always a first time for everything.

Brew's Crew: Crater

He was the strong, silent type, but that could not protect him from our boy Richard Rider!

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