Paul Pelletier

Geoff Johns Leaves Aquaman

Jeff Parker comes on board the King of the Seven Seas.

First Look At Paul Pelletier's Aquaman #17 (Pencils)

Preview for \former Marvel Cosmic artist Paul Pelletier's Aquaman.

James Gunn Hints At DnA Guardians Of the Galaxy Costumes Not McNiven's?

Which Guardians of the Galaxy costumes will be featured in the upcoming movie?

Superstar Marvel Cosmic Artist Paul Pelletier Takes On Aquaman With DC Comics

Paul Pelletier heads over to DC Comics to take on Aquaman with Geoff Johns.

Avenges Assemble #7 Reveals Thanos Triumphant (Spoiler)

With it being said a new Bendis Guardians of the Galaxy is coming out of Avengers Assemble #8, let's look at the last page to #7.

Marvel Preview: First Look At Incredible Hulks #635 (Pak's last issue)

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at the last chapter in Greg Pak’s legendary  Incredible Hulk run in Incredible Hulks #635, the milestone issue that no fan can miss!

Exclusive Preview: Incredible Hulks #621

In the wake of "Chaos War," Bruce Banner has a bone to pick with the gods. And he's going straight to the top. Get ready for GOD SMASH, puny mortals! *Chaos War #5 Spoilers*

Previews: Incredible Hulks #620

Courtesy Marvel, in stores Jan 12th! Great loves and horrifying enemies return in the battle royale for the souls of the Hulks -- and the life of every mortal on Planet Earth!

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