Red Skull

Michael Bay Blasts Hugo Weaving Over Megatron

Michael Bay slams Hugo Weaving over statements made about voicing Megatron for the Transformers franchise.

Byron's Top 10 Most Horrific Comic Book Villains of All Tomb

The most haunting, horrific evildoers between two comic covers are listed in our M.E.'s Top 10 for Halloween

The Avengers (2012): Big Rumors: Not Skrulls, Thanos, The Movie Was Shot In Secret?

Lots of rumors for The Avengers have surfaced! On Thanos, the Skrulls and the Red Skull!

New Hot Toys Red Skull Collectible Figure Sports The Cosmic Cube

This Red Skull is the Captain America: The First Avenger Hugo Weaving version as he sports the Cosmic Cube!

Mask of Red Death: Greg Pak Looks Inside the Red Skull!

Birth or environment? What is behind the true evil that grew up to become -- the Red Skull?

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