Ridley Scott

Watch A New Behind-The-Scenes Exodus: Gods And Kings Featurette

Ridley Scott talks about production and more.

8 More Exodus: Gods and Kings High-Res Images

Christian Bale, Ben Kingsley and more.

New Behind-The-Scenes Look At Exodus: Gods and Kings

Stars Christian Bale directed by Ridley Scott.

Exodus: Gods And Kings (2014) Image Gallery

Images associated with the Ridley Scott epic.

Exodus: Gods And Kings (2014) Trailer Now Online; Stars Christian Bale

Ridley Scott's epic tale hits this December.

First Look At Christian Bale As Moses In Ridley Scott's Exodus

Also Joel Edgerton and Sigourney Weaver.

Ridley Scott Filming Prometheus 2 In Australia

Given a VIP tour of Fox Studios.

Matt Damon To Star In The Martian Directed By Ridley Scott

About the first man to walk on Mars.

Ridley Scott To Direct Alien Egyptian Pharaoh Series For HBO

An alternate explanation for the foundation and ascent of the ancient Egyptian empire.

Prometheus 2 Confirmed For March 2016

More in line with the terrifying tone of past Alien films.

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